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Young Leaders

Training and networking

HSF proudly supports Pakistan's Young Leaders. It offers a unique political debating forum, a powerful network, and trainings to talented students and young professionals so that they can gain practical experience and foster their future career.

Model CCI is a debating competition and a platform for dialogue between students from all over Pakistan. In this simulation, students will discuss political issues and current topics. The emphasis of the simulation is on dialogue and cooperation since successful Model CCI participants pursue joint actions and collective "payoffs."

HSF Fellows are young talented people of exceptional academic achievement and outstanding political or social commitment who take on responsibility in Pakistan. All Fellows have access to a nationwide network of political and academic partners along with opportunities to participate in HSF events and regular alumni conferences.

The Political Cadre Development Program aims to develop young political leadership through intensive workshops and training sessions on political and civic education. Through this cross-party initiative of HSF, Young Leaders are equipped with relevant theoretical as well as practical knowledge on Pakistan's local governance and are transformed into agents of positive change at the grass root levels in their respective communities. In the past years, HSF Pakistan has cooperated with its partner CPCS on this project in Sindh. Currently, its scope is being expanded to rest of the Pakistan in collaboration with the Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness.

Model CCI

Model CCI is designed to actively train students from all provinces and administrative units of Pakistan in political debating.

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HSF Fellows

The career network HSF Fellows connects the best Pakistani high-potential candidates with universities, organizations, and each other.

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Political Cadre Development

This HSF Pakistan project includes training workshops for young multi-party political cadres at district level.