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Taking responsibility

We believe that taking responsibility is always the best leadership. Our prestigious HSF Pakistan alumni network brings together young talented people of exceptional academic achievement and outstanding political or social commitment who take on responsibility in Pakistan's society and are keen to broaden their international horizon.

A truly national network

HSF projects in Pakistan are spread throughout the country including the federal and provincial capitals as well as all major academic centers. For instance, in its Model CCI project HSF has partnered with over 40 public universities all across Pakistan to engage their students and faculty in discussions on matters of national importance.

HSF also routinely conducts workshops and conferences on various topics in different cities of Pakistan involving not only academic, but political, legal and social stakeholders from subnational entities.

Career advancement

HSF Young Leaders have access to a nationwide network of political and academic partners along with opportunities to participate in HSF events and regular alumni conferences helping them to build a career and stay informed about latest political trends and job openings.

HSF also supports their applications for internships with its renowned collaborations in Pakistan and abroad.

Global exposure

HSF has presence in 71 countries all over the globe and routinely collaborates with international partners including universities, think-tanks and other political foundations to promote global cooperation, good governance and multilateralism. Through this global network, HSF Young Leaders have the opportunity to get involved on the global stage, widen their horizons and get connected to international academia and employers.

A vibrant online community

HSF is developing an independent online platform for its Young Leaders to discuss and exchange ideas about topics ranging from career opportunities to global issues such as climate change and digital change. This online portal is exclusively restricted to Young Leaders and supplemented by the Young Leaders social media channels (under construction).

How to get involved?

All Young Leaders are nominated by HSF Pakistan. HSF engages students and youth through its partners which include governmental institutions, think tanks and civil society organizations, academic institutions and international collaborations.

Keep visiting this HSF Pakistan website and follow us on social media to receive updates on our activities and how to get involved.