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Hanns Seidel Scholarship Program

About HSSP

HSF’s flagship project Hanns Seidel Scholarship Program (HSSP): Support for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan aims to strengthen the regional stability in Pakistan-Afghanistan through extensive education: by providing long-term support to young, talented students from Afghanistan who are registered as refugees in Pakistan and enrolled at Pakistani universities. Through HSSP, these Afghan students will be enabled to finance their university studies, receive additional training in relevant disciplines parallel to their studies, including important professional experience as on-the-job trainings, and apply their newly acquired knowledge regionally.

HSSP is being implemented by HSF Pakistan and the National Dialogue Forum and part of the broader Pakistan-Afghanistan bilateral dialogue.

Financial grant

Currently, HSSP includes around 30 financial grants positions per year for Afghan students for the duration of their academic studies up to the completion of their current Bachelor's or Master's degree (maximum four or two years per person). It attempts to substantially contribute to all major student expenses (living costs, academic fees, stationery, books, etc.) at HEC recognized universities in Pakistan.

Conceptual support

All scholarships will be accompanied by conceptual support from HSF Pakistan partner organizations and the HSF Country Office. This accompanying support will be in democratic education, academic work, tolerance, conflict resolution and social cohesion. For this purpose, educational events will be carried out in workshops, dialogue, cultural and sports activities. They will cover a range of relevant topics, such as social cohesion, human rights, equality, subsidiarity, political systems, digital skills, rhetoric, soft skills and academic methodological knowledge.

Practical experience

In order to also gain practical work experience and build professional networks, every scholarship holder has the opportunity to complete a professional training on-the-job during the course of the academic studies. This activity needs to be organized by the scholarship holder (with the support of HSF), but it will be fully financed by HSF through continued payment of the scholarship.

Scholarship details

Why to apply?

  • Scholarship grant of currently 30,000.00 PKR monthly per student
  • One laptop per scholarship recipient for academic purposes (must be returned to HSF before the end of the funding period)
  • Numerous HSSP trainings, events and activities as conceptual support
  • On-the-job trainings to prepare Afghan refugee students for future professions in their home country
  • All-year-long applications possible - no deadline!
  • All these benefits usually until the completion of the currently pursued degree program

Who can apply?

  • Valid POR cardholders who are from Afghanistan and
  • Living in Pakistan and
  • Enrolled in an academic full-time degree (undergraduate or graduate) program
  • At any HEC recognized university in Pakistan

Who are we looking for?

HSF Pakistan is looking for registered Afghan refugee students in Pakistan with

  • High academic achievements
  • Social engagement such as contributions to the refugee community in Pakistan
  • Social multiplier roles: promoting dialogue through interaction in networks
  • Willingness to engage in democratic, academic and professional training activities organized by HSF Pakistan, National Dialogue Forum and their partners
  • Interest to prepare and attend relevant national and international events on regional stability

How to apply?

E-mail the following documents as one single pdf file and in the correct order (1-9) to HSSP(at)

  1. The completed and signed application form (see below)
  2. A cover letter (two pages maximum) describing the reasons why you would be a worthy recipient of HSSP; make sure to include your academic achievements, social involvement, contribution to the community, most important accomplishments, and future goals
  3. A short CV with relevant information (one-page maximum)
  4. A brief letter of support from an academic advisor (two pages maximum)
  5. One picture of yourself
  6. A scan of your POR card
  7. A scan of your matriculation and intermediate certificates (equivalence certificate for students who have studied at Afghan schools)
  8. Proof of enrollment in any HEC recognized university of Pakistan
  9. Transcripts of previous semesters

Good to know:

  • Following all formal requirements mentioned above (such as document lengths or type) is a prerequisite for applying. Incomplete or incorrect applications cannot be considered.
  • Female and transgender Afghan refugee students are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • There is no deadline, but very limited availability. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible if you meet all of HSSP's criteria.
  • Applicants who are already receiving any HEC or other full scholarship are not eligible to also receive the HSSP scholarship at the same time.
  • All HSSP Alumni will become part of HSF Pakistan’s Young Leaders Network HSF Fellows.
  • Students with the best academic performance can be considered for further academic studies in Germany.

Application form

Please download the application form from here.


For answers to the most frequently asked questions on HSSP please visit HSF Pakistan's FAQ page and see "On scholarships."

If your questions are not being answered there, feel free to seek help from the HSSP Focal Person at HSSP(at) or +92 51 843 8085.