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Call for Applications
Expert for Young Leaders Training on Effective Social Media Use


Hanns Seidel Foundation Pakistan is inviting applications from social media experts to plan and implement a training for the Young South Asia Network (YSAN) 2022 cohort. The detailed Terms of Reference can be found below.

To apply, send your application to islamabad(at) with the subject Application for Social Media Expert (YSAN).

Deadline to apply: 12 September 2022, 09:00 HRS (PKT)


Terms of Reference (Consultancy)

Expert for Training of Young Leaders on Effective Use of Social Media


YSAN is the latest initiative by the German Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) to support young and promising future leaders from South Asia by providing them the opportunity to engage with their global counterparts and enable them to shape their countries’ future. These highly-qualified young leaders from science, politics, media and administration need an understanding of different perspectives in society and politics. HSF supports this exchange and enables them to conduct a healthy multilateral discourse on global challenges.

Social media, owing to its unique characteristics such as interactivity, connectedness, and user-generated content, has growingly become a highly influential source of personal as well as professional networking. It is a valuable communication tool across national and regional borders and if used optimally and effectively, can go a long way in creating and sustaining networks of like-minded individuals striving to find solutions to common challenges.


The overall objectives of this activity are to orient the YSAN 2022 cohort with the principles and techniques of effective social media use in order to maximize their reach and make their social media use more engaging, interactive and impactful. Furthermore, it will equip the participants with lasting communication and outreach strategies to voice their opinions in a clear and concise manner.

This training will particularly focus on one social media platform i.e. Twitter but will also include general strategies applicable to all social media platforms. Some tentative aspects that the training will cover are copy writing, content curating, networking and analyzing the respective social media platform(s).

The online training will support the YSAN fellows in covering and reporting on the upcoming YSAN study trip to Germany and maintain sustained connections in future as well.


The one-day training (five (5) hours of activities) will take place online (Zoom, WebEx or similar) with participants from all over South Asia. It shall include:

  • an interactive introduction session of major social media channels,
  • a theoretical overview of effective social media use
  • practical steps and demonstration of the theoretical steps above
  • interactive discussion and expert guidance on how to cover physical events on social media


The training should take place in mid-September, but its date will be finalized by HSF at least one (1) week before it takes place.


  • An advanced degree in a relevant academic field
  • At least five (5) years of demonstrable experience of developing and conducting training workshops, ideally in the fields of social media and digital marketing
  • Working experience with young stakeholders
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills, including at online events


For this one-day training (five (5) hours of activities), the Consultant's work (twelve (12) hours in total) will comprise of: developing/adjusting all training material including the training agenda and coordinating with HSF (five (5) hours in total), training content delivery (five (5) hours in total), necessary practical event preparations and wrapping-up (one (1) hour in total), and a written feedback report (one (1) hour in total).

This work will include:

  1. The Consultant shall develop/adjust each day’s training material including the training agenda in coordination with HSF.
  2. The Consultant shall be responsible for the overall technical implementation of the training.
  3. Training material: In each of his/her own training sessions, the Consultant will use material (in the form of notes and/or power point presentations) for the audience. He/she will adapt this material to the demands and makeup of the audience. This material needs to be shared with HSF beforehand. This also includes preparation/revision of the day’s training agenda.
  4. Delivery of training content: This includes lectures/presentations/group work/moderation and any other forms of content delivery according to the finalized agenda training. The contents include but are not limited to the topics mentioned in §3.
  5. Immediately before and after the training day, the Consultant will manage practical tasks such as installing and testing his/her technical equipment.
  6. At the end of the consultancy period the Consultant shall report in writing to the HSF about the success and/or room for improvement of the event. The report should be based on his/her personal observations, minutes and recordings of the event.


Individual applications:

(i) Proposal including draft program (max two pages)

(ii) CV including relevant work samples (max five pages)

(iii) Training fee in PKR


12 September 2022, 09:00 HRS (PKT)