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About HSF Pakistan

In the last three decades HSF has focused its project work on political dialogue, especially bilateral relations between Pakistan and its neighbors, regional cooperation, civic education, with a focus on young people, and institution building. The projects encompass training sessions and seminars as well as academic conferences where researchers and experts from around the world share and exchange their thoughts and experiences.

Since 2012 HSF is increasingly focusing on projects related to federalism, strengthening regional understanding and the promotion of social responsibility and civic education.


After the ratification of the 18th amendment which reformed the federal structures of Pakistan, HSF wants to contribute to strengthen these structures and increase the awareness for the scope of action which has been opened up by these reforms, especially on the provincial level. These goals are achieved through workshops, civic education and social responsibility programmes in schools, policy dialogue and knowledge transfer, lecture series, seminars and conferences.

Regional Dialogue

HSF is organizing many political dialogues on various contemporary issues in collaboration with its partners. The aim is to create an environment of thoughtful perception about ongoing contentious issues. Thematically, the regional dialogue has focused increasingly on bilateral relations of Pakistan with its neighboring countries and on issues of regional cooperation within the South Asian Association on Regional Cooperation.