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Together for a Better Future: HSF Fellows Network and Exchange Learnings in Annual Meetup

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Pakistan brought together the alumni from its various projects in Islamabad on December 6-7, 2022 for networking and exchange event. The annual HSF Pakistan gathering sought to connect the diverse group of young leaders from Pakistan and Afghanistan with each other under the umbrella of HSF Fellows so as to establish a network of young and accomplished change makers in the region and beyond.

Dr. Steffen Kudella, Resident Representative of HSF Pakistan, in his welcome address remarked:

HSF Fellows provides a platform for dialogue, too. We want people to learn and capacities to be built for a lifetime, so that our alumni become agents of sustainable positive change in their society. […] Our meetup will focus on some of the lessons learned from this year. It is an event held by alumni for alumni, so that their dialogue can mutually increase knowledge.

The two-day event included several alumni-led sessions where HSF Fellows briefed the participants about their experiences and learnings from their respective HSF activities. Many senior and distinguished HSF Fellows also attended the event and held interactive sessions with their younger colleagues on important topics such as youth participation in political arena, urban sustainability and water management.

The participatory training event was followed by a reception dinner for HSF Fellows where HSF partners, friends and other stakeholders also joined the gathering and continued discussing their experiences with the work of HSF Pakistan.

HSF Fellows is the prestigious alumni network of HSF Pakistan engaged through its multiple projects over the years. It aims to provide a platform to the youth in Pakistan and build their capacity to become catalysts of positive change in Pakistan, South Asia and beyond. HSF Fellows are part of a global network of young scholars, politicians and activists and have access to national and international academic and professional opportunities through HSF’s worldwide engagement.

HSF is the oldest German political foundation in Pakistan. For more information on HSF’s work in Pakistan please visit: and for HSF Fellows: You may find event photos and more details at Press contact: islamabad(at)