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Technological Transformation in Pakistan: An Asset or Liability? – HSF-CGSS Conference on Digital Development

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: The Islamabad-based think-tank Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Pakistan discussed the “Technological Transformation in Pakistan: An Asset or Liability?” during a Conference at Margala Hotel, Islamabad today.

His Excellency Ali Muhammad Khan, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs of the Government of Pakistan was the Chief Guest at this conference. He stated:

Germany, China and Japan have re-emerged because of their focused economic development through technology which has resulted in rapid economic growth within their societies. The Government of Pakistan is taking efficient steps to introduce technology and innovation in various sectors within the country. […] We have great potential to deliver to the world and we should not be overwhelmed by any challenges!

Dr. Steffen Kudella, Resident Representative of HSF Pakistan discussed significant aspects of the implications of evolving Artificial Intelligence. He said:

Artificial Intelligence is still far away from having real super-human abilities. It is unlikely that algorithms will be able to replace human beings completely in the future. Knowing this, human beings can and should adjust their skills through education and training as per the needs of the future society.

In his remarks, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal, Former Federal Secretary Information and Broadcasting and Senior Member Board of Advisors of CGSS, stated:

Technological transformation is a very significant topic because things are changing very rapidly vis-à-vis technological development. Technology is an asset as it opens new avenues of development and prosperity on a broad level. It is a powerful tool for business growth if used prudently. If we fail to use it in its true essence, it can become a liability.

Professor Dr. Minhas Majeed Marwat, Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar stated:

Technology has changed the traditional role of teachers now. Presently, massive information is present on the internet and formal learning has consequently become much easier. Such development might be widening the social gap within Pakistan but on the other hand, it can be a blessing as well.

Mr. Aamir Ghauri, Chief Editor of The News spoke about the impact of technological transformation on mass media:

Journalists work as the watchdog in public interest. […] Mainstream media has to work under certain policy framework regulations. Having said that, lawmakers and legislative bodies must also catchup with the evolving technology.

The event also included Senior Law Expert Waqas Aziz Qureshi, the former Chief Technology Officer, GHQ Mr. Tariq Malik, the President of Reenergia Mr. Amir Zafar Durrani, the Director General of Center of Information Technology Mr. Ammar Jaffri, the Director of the Silk Bank Mr. Jawad Majid, Ms. Bareerah Fatima from the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, and others as speakers.

The conference was attended by more than 100 participants, including the Deputy German Ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Philipp Deichmann. All COVID-19 SOPs mandated by the Government of Pakistan were diligently followed and complied with.

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